Made cupcakes earlier this evening :)

I got an offer from the university I’ve been waiting for :D I need, AAB to get in.

I can not be more thankful than this.

New URL :D tell me what you think?

love love love this!!
The Time Traveler’s wife

I just finished reading the time travelers wife, i loved it.

if any of you havent read it yet and need a good book for the cold nights in this winter, i would totally recommend it.

Im gonna watch the movie now, lets see how that goes :)

Omggggg….met my forst famous person?!!!!!


So like i i i iiiii iii saw Kumar Kaneswaran!! For those of you who dont know. Siva rom The wanted. His twin brother is kumar. And he is absolutely gorgeouss, and so so sooooo nice.

I just left the school of phamacy, London- i was there for an openday. We got to make medicine hehe yaay. (made my choice, definately applying for pharmacy :D)

Back to the point, i was soo dead after the lonnng day, couldnt wait to get home. left the building with a friend i met there. We were crossing the road and so was he, we both thought it was siva. started shouting out Sivaaaa. and he turned around, smiled and just shook his head. we haad a heart attack and said Kumarrr? :D and he said yes. we spoke to him for a minute, asked him if we could have pictures. but he said no :(but then he said he would take a pic with us even though he doesnt usually :D. he smelt so sooo nice :P and he was really really sweet to us :)

Kumar Kaneswaran Love <3

Anyways im off to get on with chem homework ugh.

Omg the confetti! how cool is that

Havent been on as much as i used to..

im back at college and things are really hectic i guess this years gonna be mad for me last year at college cant wait for it to be over so i can start uni. Theres so much going on ahhh. 

I will still be blogging for now but might not be on for a few days at a time. If you want to unfollow you can i dont mind :)

Thankyou <3

so my life seems really boring at the moment, exams finisehd few weeks ago. and theres nothing going on. i hate it :(

any ideas on how to spice things up a bit? :)